FIBARO Home Automation

Home automation with FIBARO is simple and affordable!  World leader in wireless home automation systems, and in the European market for over 4 years, FIBARO is now distributed in Canada. Its unmatched design, its amazing and comprehensive functionality, miniaturization of peripherals actually a must in this market. His Home Center 2 is the fastest box on the market, made with high quality aluminum, no less!

The only limit is your imagination for your FIBARO installation. Management of heating / air conditioning, watering, lights, front doors locks or alarm with your water leak detectors Flood Sensor Fibaro and motion detectors-brightness-temperature-vibration Motion Sensor Fibaro, IP surveillance cameras, door/window sensor with Door/Windows Sensor Fibaro, and multimedia (video and sound) in your home, it is the intelligent resource management of your home. The system is accessible from anywhere in the world through FIBARO remote access and mobile application on your smartphone, so you always know what's going on at home without being there, and aware of each major event occurred.

Remember that the FIBARO system is particularly suitable for disabled, elderly or not, and the disabled. Their life easier is our job !