The Security with FIBARO

FIBARO will allow you to secure your home in a different way compared to a traditional alarm system. You will have motion sensors, infrared cameras, audible and visual alarms to help you remotely, on your smartphone to be notified via text message and/or email if an intrusion occurs at home, to film intruder, turn on the lights and disseminate internal or external alarm. Track by GPS position on the map every familiy member, know everytime where are your childrens during night and day, enable scenario by GPS localisation, etc...

You can also simply keep your distance from home, your babysitter or your children left alone at home. Motion detectors, door or window opening sensors, electronic door lock, all security systems in your home can be set and controlled remotely. The possibilities are huge ... and the maximum security with 128-bit crypatge wireless radio communication.

The monitoring of one's home is everyone's business !